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A woman filled with grief looks for comfort from her husband.

How To Sue A Doctor For Pain And Suffering

“You may be able to get compensation for pain and suffering.” Do those words sound familiar? You’ve probably heard these claims during those late-night commercials. Or have seen those words on a giant billboard driving down the highway. Have you or a loved one suffered a recent injury due to the negligence of medical practice?…

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Hypoxic and Anoxic Brain Injury

Lawsuits for Hypoxic & Anoxic Brain Injuries According to the National Center for Health Statistics, intrauterine hypoxia and birth asphyxia are the tenth leading cause of neonatal death. Hypoxic and anoxic brain injuries occur when little to no oxygen reaches the infant’s brain during labor or delivery. Without oxygen, the brain can sustain serious and…

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Veteran playing instrument.

How To Fill Out Standard Form 95 – A Guide For Veterans

Medical malpractice cases are complicated enough. But when you add government employees and veterans into the mix, things can get even trickier. And if you’ve started researching then chances are you’ve probably heard of Standard Form 95. But maybe you don’t know how to fill it out? You may be asking yourself questions such as:…

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Woman abandoned by doctor.

Patient Abandonment: A Form Of Medical Malpractice

Patient abandonment can be hard to spot sometimes. In 2003, a patient at the Obstetrics Clinic of the University Of Michigan became pregnant after suffering a miscarriage. She was scheduled for a cerclage. But when her doctor learned she had filed a lawsuit against another doctor at the office (for her first miscarriage)? He decided…

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Hospital directory sign depicting directions for Emergency, main entrance and secondary entrances

How to Differentiate Between Adverse Events and Malpractice

Undergoing any major medical procedure can be intimidating. There are inherent risks with some surgeries or treatments that doctors cannot eliminate. They will still recommend the procedures if they believe it is the only solution. Similarly, taking pharmaceutical drugs can also have side effects that are not pleasant. Many individuals believe that because they endured…

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Little boy being seen by pediatrician.

Pediatric Malpractice Is A Devastating Reality

Many parents do extensive research before picking the right pediatrician for their child. After all, the health of their children is at stake. When we think of doctors, especially pediatricians, most believe they’ll always provide great care. Without avoidable mistakes, without negligence, and without any harmful consequences. Unfortunately, not all families receive the standard care…

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The outside of a hospital building.

Negligent Discharge From Hospital: Can You Sue?

Have you ever had an extended stay at the hospital? After a few days, you probably wanted to jump out of that uncomfortable cot, rip off that flimsy hospital gown, and run out the door. Yes, most patients love an early discharge from the hospital. It’s great to hear you’re headed home if you’re feeling…

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Patient being prepared for CT scan.

Radiation Overexposure Cases: Silent But Deadly

Imagine going to the hospital for a routine CT scan…and coming out with unsightly bald patches. That’s what happened to a patient at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. It was one of the most shocking radiation overexposure cases of the last decade. In 2009, over 200 people received 8 times the normal dose of…

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Man has trouble walking because of misdiagnosed stroke.

The Misdiagnosis Of A Stroke Isn’t A Mild Mistake

Stacy Quinn didn’t look the part. Young and in perfect health, she never imagined she was having a stroke. Neither did her doctors, even though she rushed to the hospital with a severe headache and slurred speech. One doctor thought it was just a migraine and stress. Another thought the problem was an ear infection.…

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Pelvic mesh failure.

Should I File A Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit?

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of pelvic mesh lawsuits have been filed in the US? Made of synthetic netting, pelvic mesh is a permanent implant that helps treat various pelvic issues. Have you or a loved one suffered complications from pelvic mesh? We can help you file a pelvic mesh lawsuit and get the…

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