Texas Psychiatric Emergency Room Site of Shocking Acts by Nurses


The emergency room is where Texans go in the midst of dire situations.
The ER is not a place anyone expects to see their situation get worse.
Certainly, no one visiting a medical facility of any sort expects anything
but doctors and nurses following the requisite standards of patient care
for their profession.

Recently at a Dallas hospital, there occurred a disturbing altercation
between a patient and hospital staff, including a nurse. According to
footage from a security camera, hospital staff members can be seen strapping
a psychiatric patient into a chair, forcing a roll of toilet paper into
the patient’s mouth and then putting a sheet over the patient’s
head. A police report noted that another hospital employee warned the
staff members that they were doing illegal things.

The incident happened in mid-March of this year, but a review of security
camera footage didn’t alert anyone until April 8. At that point, the
hospital informed the Texas health department of the situation. According
to reports, one of the nurses involved in this recent incident also took
part in a 2011 incident that involved a patient’s death and sparked
a federal investigation. Another nurse involved in the 2014 gagging altercation
has been investigated on allegations of domestic violence in the past.

In today’s strained medical environment,
nursing negligence is a real phenomenon and a dangerous one at that. From overworked nurses
to staff members who may be forced to perform duties that go beyond their
training, there may be situations in which nurses and other staff are
unintentionally negligent or make accidental, yet still harmful, nursing
errors. Still, as the Parkland Memorial Hospital case shows, there may
also be cases where a patient is being obviously mistreated. In either
type of situation, holding the responsible entity accountable is usually
the only way victims and their families can experience any sort of relief
from the trauma.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, “Parkland Psych ER is again scene of patient abuse,” Miles Moffeit and Brooks Egerton, June 14, 2014