Man accuses hospital staff of negligence after wife's death

When most Texans think of a wrongful death lawsuit, the first thing that often comes to mind is a car accident or work-related tragedy. While wrongful death courses of action are indeed appropriate for many of those situations, a wrongful death suit can also come about following the loss of a loved one in a medical setting.

Recently, the husband of a woman who died just a few days after giving birth filed a medical malpractice suit. According to the details of the lawsuit, the 25-year-old mother perished just three days after having her son. The suit claims the cause of death was a septic shock infection. Fortunately, the little boy, now two-years-old, survived the incident, but the suit is seeking damages on behalf of both father and son.

Septic shock is exceedingly dangerous and occurs when an infection spanning the whole body causes a dangerous drop in blood pressure. If not handled immediately by medical professionals, septic shock can cause organs to shut down. Unfortunately, many different types of bacteria can cause septic shock. While there are also several different risk factors for the deadly condition, one of them is having had a recent surgery or medical procedure. A medical mistake during surgery can thus inadvertently set the stage for a fatal accident, especially if it involves a woman giving birth.

The recent birth-related malpractice suit accuses staff at a medical center of negligence relating to the young woman's unexpected demise. The hospital, as well as its staff, the suit notes, are vicariously liable for things which ultimately led to the woman's death. If the plaintiff succeeds on this claim, he may recover much needed compensation to help cover medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages, and loss of companionship.

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