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Newborn in NICU receiving care for HIE

HIE Cooling Therapy & Minimizing Brain Damage in Babies

HIE cooling therapy may seem like an odd medical practice. Lowering a baby’s body temperature? That’s downright dangerous, isn’t it? Not if it’s done in a safe, controlled way—in that case, it can be life-saving.  Cooling therapy can have dramatic positive effects on some babies with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. Let’s talk about it… What is HIE…

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Advocacy and support for newborns affected by birth injuries due to oxygen deprivation.

Brain Damage in Babies Due to Lack of Oxygen

Did you know that the number one cause of infant brain damage is oxygen deprivation? Sadly, many birth complications can lead to a lack of oxygen. Since babies’ brains are very fragile, even just a few minutes of low or no oxygen can cause irreparable damage. Learn more about how brain damage in babies due…

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Mother copes with baby's birth injury.

How Can Families Cope With a Diagnosis of Brain Damage at Birth?

Like giant waves crashing against a flood barrier, a diagnosis of brain damage at birth can send you scrambling for reinforcements. It’s a challenge for any family to cope with, no matter how united or strong they may be.  But good floodwalls mitigate even the worst deluge—and so can you with the right knowledge and…

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Complications from brain injury at birth.

Brain Damage at Birth: What Causes it?

Long before adding up numbers at school, a baby’s brain adds cells and neurons as it develops in the womb. Gestation is a crucial time for brain development. For many children, the process continues without a hitch. But sometimes things go awry during delivery, causing brain damage at birth.  In this article, we’ll answer the…

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Brain damage from anesthesia can be very dangerous.

Brain Damage From Anesthesia

Thank science for anesthesia! Without it, we would have to endure the excruciating pain of surgery. Worse still, we would remember every second of it. But anesthesia ensures there are only two things we remember about an operation. One, drifting off to dreamland. Two, waking up thinking, “Wait…it’s already over?” Yes, anesthesia is helpful. But…

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Newborn with kernicterus symptoms.

Brain Damage From Jaundice

Jaundice & Brain Damage Jaundice is one of the most common conditions in newborn babies. How common exactly? About 3 in 5 babies are born with some form of jaundice. That’s why we’ve come to look at jaundice as something completely normal. Something that will usually go away on its own or with just the…

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Baby with brain injury receives care.

Signs Of Brain Damage In Babies & Malpractice

Signs of Brain Damage in a Baby & What to do About it Brain damage because of negligence is appalling to begin with. But when that damage happens to an innocent newborn, it can be especially hard to bear. August 2018 was a devastating time for the Kromphardt family, for that reason exactly. Baby Kromphardt…

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The Role of Blood Sugar in Fetal or Newborn Brain Damage

  While brain injuries have received increased attention in recent years, there are still many misconceptions about damage to this important organ. One such misconception is that brain injuries are only caused by external pressures. In reality, the source of brain damage can come from within the body, such as an error during delivery that…

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Lawyer helps victim settle lawsuit.

What Damages Are Typically Included in a Brain Injury at Birth Lawsuit?

A traumatic brain injury at birth places two heavy burdens on the backs of an injured child’s parents. The first is the realization that the life they envisioned for their child may not be possible. The second is the enormous cost of treatment. In many cases, it will be impossible to pay out of pocket. …

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Who Could Be Liable for a Newborn’s HIE Brain Injury?

Modern medicine has advanced so much that it’s less likely for a newborn to have HIE because of natural causes. But that doesn’t mean doctors no longer make mistakes. Unfortunately, the cause of a newborn’s HIE brain injury is often reckless or negligent medical care.  When that happens, someone is at fault for your child’s…

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