Dr. Krista Kurtyan | Medical Malpractice Law Firm in Houston, TX
Dr. Krista Kurtyan

Dr. Kurtyan is the Medical Director at Hampton & King. She works alongside the attorneys providing medical knowledge and insight at every step of a client’s medical malpractice case. From a client’s initial consultation with the firm, to analysis of medical records, all the way to trial preparation, Dr. Kurtyan is dedicated to helping the attorneys at Hampton & King achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.

Dr. Kurtyan received her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. It was while performing autopsies during her pathology residency that Dr. Kurtyan developed a strong interest in the intersection of medicine and the law. Dr. Kurtyan understands that medical malpractice cases often hinge on the findings of medical experts.

On behalf of the clients of Hampton & King, Dr. Kurtyan interacts on a daily basis with the leading specialists in the country across a wide variety of medical disciplines. She has highly technical, doctor-to-doctor conversations with medical experts when presenting her clients’ cases, which are often medically complex. Medical experts who might otherwise not participate in a legal case often agree to work with Hampton & King’s clients because of the level of detail and medical insight Dr. Kurtyan is able to provide to them.