Full-Time Medical Staff

Why Malpractice Lawyers Need a In-House Doctors & Nurses

At Hampton & King, our staff includes medical professionals who fortify every case with their expertise. Below, we discuss why that’s a vital resource.

One of the chief obstacles that medical malpractice victims (and their attorneys) face is the other side’s legal team. As a former malpractice defense lawyer, Attorney Christopher King knows this better than most. The lawyers who defend hospitals and doctors know their client’s medicine inside and out. They are some of the most specialized attorneys in the field, focusing almost exclusively on their client’s area of practice.

What’s more, but providers who commit medical negligence often have a history of doing so—meaning the attorneys you’re facing have defended a case like this before. They know the medicine, they know the right questions to ask, and they know how to pick malpractice cases apart at the seams. If there’s a weakness in your claim, these attorneys know how to find it and leverage it against you.

What Sets Hampton & King Apart

Hampton & King is one of the only law firms in the region (and perhaps the nation) who employs a certified doctor and a Ph.D. nurse full-time. Our Medical Director and her team develop our cases from end-to-end, ensuring that the victims of medical negligence finally get their day in court. Their insight and expertise ensures that our firm understands the ins-and-outs of any complex medical issue—allowing us to present your damages accurately and with authority.

Our Medical Director also works with our vast network of expert medical witnesses nationwide, building our firm’s knowledge of highly complex problems and cases. Her ability to understand what you’re facing equips us to present your case to a jury with clarity while anticipating the other side’s legal strategy.

Having a full-time medical staff on hand is what puts our firm on equal footing with any hospital or health care provider. Thanks to our team, doctors can’t hide behind jargon or legal specialists any longer.

Since 2003, it has been increasingly difficult for the victims of medical negligence to hold doctors accountable for the mistakes they make. When attorneys only handle medical malpractice cases occasionally, they’re simply not equipped to represent complex cases against the legal powerhouses who defend health care providers. That's why Hampton & King focuses on medical malpractice. Victims deserve more from their case than what part-time practitioners can offer.

If you’re interested in learning if you have a valid malpractice claim, it’s best to speak with a law firm who has an actual doctor on staff. Let our Medical Director review your case and get you the answers you need. Call (713) 489-0993 or contact us online.