Medical Mistake May Have Caused the Death of 13-Year-Old Girl


In Houston, people who trust their health and the health of their loved
ones with a medical professional don’t expect a medical mistake to
lead to long-term damage or the loss of a loved one. When a person is
injured or dies due to the errors of a doctor or medical staff, the family
may want to investigate the
wrongful death and determine whether or not it was preventable.

A 13-year-old girl died after treatment at a hospital damaged her a chamber
of her heart. The seventh-grader was in the hospital for lymphoma, which
was originally thought to have led to her death. However, her autopsy
showed that she was actually killed a mistake made with the intravascular
line that perforated her heart chamber.

Although people in general get good health care, there are instances in
which a doctor mistake causes terrible results. Medical staff can err
by being negligent, prescribing and implementing improper treatment or
making diagnostic mistakes. In some situations giving improper medication,
making mistakes during surgery or when administering
anesthesia or mismanaging ongoing health issues such as cancer may all be considered
negligent behavior. When a person suffers a significant injury that requires
long-term care or when a family faces the loss of a loved one, they are
entitled to explore the possibility of compensation.

In this case, the young girl was suffering from cancer. That’s a terrible
enough thing for the family to deal with. But when it was discovered that
the child died due to a medical mistake, the circumstances were made even
worse. In a situation such as this, the families may want to discuss the
matter with an attorney.

Source: FOX17Online.com, “Grand Rapids Teen Died From Medical Error,”
Carl Gustin, March 7, 2014