ER Visits for Brain Injuries Rise Rapidly


Serious head injuries could be caused by many different factors, from car
accidents to sports injuries. In Texas, where sports are a huge part of
many residents’ everyday lives, medical matters involving concussions
have also seen increased awareness of the dangers involved. Once thought
to be a relatively normal part of playing sports, concussions are now
viewed as the potentially serious
brain injuries that they are.

Recently, a new study has unveiled some important findings regarding brain
injuries. Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, in particular has made headlines
in recent years as more awareness has been raised on the subject. From
2006 to 2010, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical
Association, emergency room visits for TBI jumped 30 percent. While this
may sound troubling, the increase in ER visits are actually due to increased
levels of public awareness.

Likewise, TBI carries many risks for further medical conditions, including
dementia, stroke and even death. TBI is generally caused by either severe
injury to a closed head or a physician error or medical mistake during
a surgery. Following TBI, there can be neurological issues, physical functioning
problems and psychological strain. Not surprisingly, then, the medical
expenses that accompany a TBI diagnosis can be extremely overwhelming.

This recent TBI study emerged from the University of Pittsburgh School
of Medicine, and found that there were about 138 million visits to the
ER. Of these visits, 1.7 percent of patients were diagnosed with TBI.
Interestingly, during that four-year period, the rate of visits for TBI
rose almost 8 times higher than the overall rate of ER visits. According
to the Brain Injury Association of America, over a million people suffer
TBI every year.

With any brain trauma, the long-term effects can either stem from the original
injury itself or the medical treatment received afterward. The brain
is an incredibly delicate area of the body and medical care must be extremely
precise. It’s not uncommon for treatment errors to make matters worse
instead of better.

Thankfully, there are legal resources available in Texas for those who
have been negatively affected by a brain injury, when the injury itself
or the worsening of it was caused by another’s negligence. A personal
injury suit could be filed in order to provide compensation to the victim
of the brain injury. This could assist them with any associate financial
hardships the incident caused, especially if they require future medical

Source: CBS News, “ER visits for traumatic brain injury spike 30 percent,” Jessica Firger, May 13, 2014