Nursing Negligence

Texas Psychiatric Emergency Room Site of Shocking Acts by Nurses

  The emergency room is where Texans go in the midst of dire situations. The ER is not a place anyone expects to see their situation get worse. Certainly, no one visiting a medical facility of any sort expects anything but doctors and nurses following the requisite standards of patient care for their profession.

Are Nurses and other Medical Staff Distracted by Social Media?

  When one is being seen by a doctor or nurse in the Houston area, it can be unsettling, though understandable, if the professional appears distracted. After all, those in Houston’s bustling medical field see countless patients per day, and have innumerable tasks they must complete in a short amount of time. While patients may…

Negligence leads to woman delivering baby without doctor, nurses

  When you go to the hospital to delivery your baby, you expect your doctor and nurses to be there during the birth of your child. That is the whole point of delivery your baby in the hospital to make sure the labor and delivery go smoothly, and if an emergency arises, staff members will…