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When A C-section Is Necessary (& When It’s Not)

Every woman wants an easy pregnancy. To enjoy her baby bump, daydream about her little one, and to have a smooth delivery. Complications are the last thing a mother wants to think about.  Whether delivery is vaginal or via C-section, bringing a child into the world is an intense process. Doctors and midwives are wonderful…
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How To Prepare For Your Meeting With A Malpractice Lawyer

Life is a journey. With each stage of our lives, we’re faced with new situations we haven’t learned how to navigate. When you find yourself in the middle of a legal situation, it can feel a bit scary. You probably know contacting a lawyer is a good idea, but what about the rest?
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Afraid To Sue Your Doctor For Malpractice? Don’t Be.

In this post, we’ll talk about how to sue a doctor for malpractice, what to do when a doctor lies to you, why holding medical professionals accountable is important, and much more. Sherman Sizemore went to Raleigh General Hospital on Jan. 19, 2006 for what he thought would be a routine exploratory laparotomy. But what…
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Justice For Military Medical Malpractice Victims (Feres Repealed)

Imagine this: You enlist in the military and spend years of your life putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your nation’s future…. And then, disaster strikes. You get injured or receive a bad diagnosis. Shouldn’t your level of commitment be met with the same level of medical treatment? 
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Keep Your Baby Healthy | National Birth Defects Prevention Month

Much like a new year, learning that you’re pregnant is a time full of wonder and excitement.  A baby, despite their small size, changes almost everything. There’s a lot that goes into preparing for your little one, but really the #1 concern for most parents is how to keep their baby healthy.
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How Doctors Legally (And Illegally) Cover Up Malpractice

Doctors don’t lie, right? Hospitals never hide mistakes, do they? Here’s the situation. You made it home. Five long days in the hospital, and home was the only thing you could think of. But suddenly there’s a sharp pain in your stomach. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. You wrack your brain…”Did I take…