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Adverse Drug Reaction? Pharmacy Errors Can Be Devastating

When you think of medical malpractice, the first person you think of is most likely your nurse or doctor. And it makes sense. Their the face of the operation, after all. But what about pharmacists and pharmacy techs?    Most pharmacists aren’t in secret laboratories counting pills or swirling “potions.” (Thanks Cartoon Network.) No, these…

Botched Plastic Surgery? You May Be The Victim Of Medical Malpractice

Cosmetic surgery is more common than ever and there are many reasons why. In 2018, nearly 18 million people underwent cosmetic procedures in the United States alone. Some people wish to enhance or preserve their looks. I mean, who doesn’t like a boost in confidence? On the other hand, many people look for reconstructive surgery because of accidents, birth defects, illnesses, etc.
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Your Helpful Guide To Birth Injury Lawsuits

No family should have to go through the experience of navigating a birth injury. It can be a really difficult and trying time and unfortunately, the impact on your family can be long-lasting. Your child could suffer a long-term issue that leaves you struggling with medical bills, and wondering who’s at fault.
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Do I Have A Medical Malpractice Case & How Do I Sue For Malpractice? [DEEP-DIVE Q&A]

Right now you have questions to ask and answers to weigh — do I have a malpractice case? How do I know if I have a medical malpractice case? And if  I have a malpractice case, well what then? Do I sue? And how? In this guide we’re going to take a deep dive into how…
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I Signed A Medical Consent Form. Can I Still Sue?

Ever wonder if those pesky medical forms you sign before surgery hold up in court? You’re not alone.  Let’s say you recently underwent a medical procedure that didn’t go as planned. Before the operation, you vaguely remember someone asking you to sign something.
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Is Military Healthcare Worse Than Civilian Care?

Each day, the brave men and women of our armed forces suit up to protect our freedom. A job that deserves a special kind of gratitude and respect. We’d like to believe that we’ve come a long way in taking care of our heroes and in many ways we have… But the truth is, in a…