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Famous Medical Malpractice Cases

It’s easy to look at famous people and think they have it all. Looks, fame, money, and status. Who doesn’t want that? But look past the shiny exterior and of course, they’re human like everyone else. Human beings face illness, family difficulties, and sometimes even tragedy. Celebrities are no exception.

Can You Sue the Military for Medical Malpractice?

Most of us would agree that our service members should be treated with respect. People who dedicate their lives to serve our country deserve the same medical legal rights as everyone else.
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How To Sue The Hospital: You CAN Sue Your Hospital (& WIN!)

“I want to sue the hospital. But how? And can I win?” It’s a reasonable ask in many cases. And yes, the answer is yes: You can sue your hospital. And win.
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Find & Choose the Best Birth Injury Attorney

There’s no two ways about it — birth injuries can be incredibly difficult. The emotional heartache parents experience is horrendous, let alone the physical and financial difficulties they face. They’re slung without warning into a harsh world where they’re forced to make tough medical and financial decisions that can drain the life out of even…
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Wrongful Death Guide: Proof, Compensation, the Attorney & More

What No Family Should Experience Every day in the Houston area, children run and tumble on school playgrounds. Recess is a time for kids to be kids. Releasing their pent up energy, kicking around a ball or two, or maybe even playing make believe. Every once in a while though, things get out of hand…