Vitamin D levels could reduce risk of preeclampsia

  A woman’s pregnancy can be riddled with many different side effects and complications, which can lead to serious birth injuries if when left untreated. One of the most serious pregnancy-related complications is preeclampsia, which is when a pregnant woman has a severe form of high blood pressure.

Same-day Ultrasound can Prevent Pregnancy Complications

  Ectopic pregnancies are the leading cause of death for pregnant women in the first trimester in the United States. Ectopic pregnancies occur in 2 percent of pregnancies and can cause fatal complications if treatment is delayed or if it is never diagnosed.

Study: infant deaths higher in home births

  More pregnant women are deciding to have home births in the United States. The growing trend of home births has led to several debates about how they impact the health and safety of both mom and baby. Previous studies have made claims that home births may be safer for pregnant women in certain cases,…

C-sections Decline but Risks Still Remain

  Many pregnant women have Ceserean births in the United States, some by choice and others by necessity. In recent years, more pregnant women were choosing to have a Cesarean birth for a variety of reasons, leaving medical professions and groups to raise awareness to the risks of Cesarean births.