Why Doctors Decide to Use Forceps or Vacuum Extractors

forcepsHaving a baby is supposed to be the most memorable time for parents, but there are some situations when unexpected complications may occur. When complications do arise, the obstetrician, nurses, and other medical professionals may take action to rectify the situation and get things going smoothly. One decision that may be made during a complication is the one to add tools such as forceps or a vacuum extractor. It’s important to know why these tools are used and what kind of impact they can cause.

Why These Tools Are Used

Forceps and vacuum extractors are used to help aid the mother during the delivery process when either the baby is in an unfavorable position or the mother is having trouble delivering naturally. The forceps may be used to help maneuver and reposition the baby, aiding in an easier delivery. Vacuum extractors are often used when the mother is having a hard time delivering on her own and uses suction to help the baby out.

The Benefits of Forceps and Vacuum Extractors

When used correctly, forceps and vacuum extractors can help tremendously and avoid some of the potential problems that may occur due to a breech birth or prolonged labor. They can also help in situations where the baby may be experiencing umbilical cord strangulation and emergency delivery is a necessity.

The Potential Issues Involved

While forceps and vacuum extractors have been used successfully for many years, there are times when the obstetrician delivering the baby may be negligent in the use of these tools. For instance, if not applied correctly, a vacuum extractor can cause significant damage to the baby. Similarly, if forceps are used with too much pressure, trauma can occur resulting in a birth injury, having long-term effects on the baby.

Parents should be aware that they have the power to decline the use of certain tools if they feel it will do more harm than good. If something happens, the family of the baby who was injured may be able to take legal action against the negligent doctor who caused the damage due to improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors. Hampton & King is here to represent victims of birth injuries and we know how to protect your rights every step of the way.

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