Houston women who are expecting an addition to their family typically entrust
their doctors with major decisions related to the impending birth. One
such decision is whether a woman will give birth via cesarean section
or vaginally. In the past, it was often assumed that once a woman had
a C-section, all subsequent births would need to be C-sections as well.
However, a new analysis shows that this may not be the case.

According to the information found in a new study, women who had vaginal
births after cesareans, or VBACs, actually had a fairly low rate of complications.
The study looked at birth certificate information from over 40 states
during 2013. The researchers found that while most women who had C-sections
in the past would go on to have C-sections again, about one-fifth attempted
a VBAC. Of this group, approximately 70 percent experienced vaginal deliveries
described as successful.

While the results of the study may mean good news for expecting mothers
who want to give birth vaginally after a prior C-section, there are still
many risks associated with both types of delivery. For women who have
had C-sections in previous births, complications during a subsequent delivery
may include a ruptured uterus, the need for a blood transfusion, hysterectomies
and admission to an intensive care unit. Moreover, negligence during a
vaginal birth or a C-section can result in a preventable birth injury
to the baby or harm to the mother. If delivery room negligence does occur,
the victims may be entitled to compensation for injuries.

Those who have been the victim of
pregnancy-related injuries, including rushed or ill-advised C-sections, may explore their legal options
with the assistance of a Houston birth injury lawyer.

Source: Fox News, “Vaginal delivery after C-section often safe,” May 21, 2015