The experience to fight today's Texas hospital negligence cases

Having to be hospitalized for any reason can be a frightening experience. A patient in a Houston medical center typically receives care from a variety of individuals, from orderlies to renowned physicians. All of these individuals are tasked with specific responsibilities, and if they fail to adhere to their professional obligations, the patient can suffer. However, those who have been victimized by nursing negligence or other forms of hospital negligence have an ally at Hampton & King.

What is hospital negligence? Negligence in the hospital setting can manifest in many different and harmful forms. Substandard care can involve failure to properly monitor a patient, failure to treat or recognize an infection, failure to follow or execute the orders of a physician or mistakes made when writing or dispensing a prescription. Life-threatening mistakes can result from any of these, or from alarming incidents such as performing the wrong medical procedure on a patient or leaving a surgical instrument inside a patient's body.

What these errors have in common is that they involve non-adherence to standards of patient care. These standards are incredibly important in the hospital setting as their adherence can be a matter of life and death. Those who have experienced these types of errors may wonder how to hold negligent parties accountable and, if necessary, fight back against hospitals that allow these serious mistakes to happen.

The attorneys at Hampton & King offer a free consultation to Texans harmed by hospital negligence. Attorney Hartley Hampton has over 35 years of experience, while attorney Chris King has over 10 years of medical malpractice experience. Together, they primarily take on medical malpractice cases, many of which involve sophisticated medical technology, as well as more traditional human errors.

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