Risk of Texas pregnancy-related injuries in multiple birth

Last week, this blog focused on the tragic story of a mother who passed away recently while giving birth to quadruplets. With multiple pregnancies being more common in Texas today than in the past, readers may be interested in knowing some of the more apparent dangers of carrying twins, triplets, quadruplets or more.

One of the biggest risks for women carrying multiples is the increased chance of a premature birth. Over half of twins are born prematurely, with that percentage being even higher for higher-order multiples. In fact, the more fetuses that feature in a pregnancy, the greater the odds of a preterm birth. Since preterm babies' tiny bodies are so vulnerable, they often require intensive care after a premature delivery. This vulnerability is apparent in multiples' higher chances of congenital birth defects, including spina-bifida and abnormalities of the heart.

Women who are expecting multiples are more likely to experience gestational hypertension, or the dangerous phenomenon of high blood pressure during pregnancy. Additional risks include anemia, detachment of the placenta, miscarriage and hemorrhage, following delivery. Identical twins may be at risk for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, in which one twin may receive too much blood, while the other does not receive enough.

Unfortunately, pregnancy-related injuries can happen to an expecting mother of multiples in multiple ways. A C-section may not proceed smoothly and preventable birth injury may occur during the delivery process. Improper monitoring of a pregnancy may result crucial precautions falling by the wayside. A physician or staff member inexperienced in dealing safely with a multiple pregnancy may become overwhelmed, with the results potentially proving tragic.

A mother of multiples is likely to have many questions about her health and the well-being of her children. A family who believes OB/GYN negligence may have affected their multiples' birth may wish to consult with an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

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