When a baby is born in a Houston hospital, family, friends and well-wishers
will almost always inquire into the health of the newborn. The health
and wellbeing of the mother is also a frequent topic of concern, even
though most births proceed without serious harm to mother or baby. Still,
in some tragic cases maternal death will occur during, preceding or after
childbirth. In such shocking situations, devastated families may wish
to know more about their legal options in relation to OB/GYN negligence.

If a mother dies due to pregnancy-related injuries or complications in
childbirth, a skilled attorney can help a family determine if the incident
was a wrongful death. A fatal injury may be a wrongful death if it was
caused by the negligence of a doctor or other medical provider, such as
an obstetric nurse. Still, multiple elements must be demonstrated in a
wrongful death case and there may be multiple incidents of negligence
involved. Texas childbirth injury attorneys can help a grieving family
understand the factors involved in a successful suit and the benefits
of pursuing a wrongful death action.

At the law firm of Hampton & King, the experienced attorneys routinely
handle cases involving maternal death as well as non-fatal pregnancy-related
injury. In 2014, U.S. News & World Report gave the firm a medical
Tier 1 metro ranking; that rank appeared in the publication’s
list of Best Law Firms in America.

Unfortunately, maternal death is still a pressing issue in the United States.
Some may be startled to learn that in 2013, nearly 800 maternal deaths
took place in the U.S. Families of these deceased women have important
rights, though, and these rights can be asserted if the death was caused
by another’s negligence or recklessness. Families wishing to learn
more about their rights and options can schedule a no-fee consultation
with the Texas medical malpractice and birth injury lawyers.