Diversity of brain injuries adds complexity to cases

Injury to a person's brain is almost always serious - whether it's a concussion or a traumatic brain injury, trauma to the brain can cause long-lasting and complicated health issues. When Houston residents suffer brain injuries, their most pressing need is medical help. After their medical needs are attended to, they are likely to need legal help as well.

Just as there are many different types of brain injury, there are many different ways in which a person can sustain an injury. Brain trauma can occur during sports, following a car accident or during surgery. Babies can suffer brain injury during the delivery process, while older adults can also fall victim to brain injury.

Among the elderly, brain injuries can occur after a fall and lead to a subdural hematoma. This type of injury, which involves tearing of the veins and internal bleeding, can happen even after a minor injury.

A person can also suffer brain injury after being attacked or assaulted; a blow to the head may not seem serious at first but harmful effects could surface later.

Brain injuries can also be the end result of medical malpractice. Sometimes, they occur during an open surgical operation, while others may stem from a delayed diagnosis. For example, a heart attack that is not properly diagnosed early enough may cause injury to the brain. Insufficient oxygen is a frequent cause of brain injury in the medical setting, so any procedure in which oxygen becomes limited can pose a threat. Additional sources of brain injury include medications which are incorrectly prescribed, or errors in anesthesia administration.

A brain injury case can be among the most complicated types of medical malpractice cases. Since there are so many potential sources of brain injury, it takes an experienced Houston traumatic brain injury claims lawyer to uncover the root cause and begin the process of holding negligent parties accountable.

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