Who can speak for victims most effectively in a wrongful death?

A deadly medical mistake is one of the biggest tragedies any Houston area family can experience. Families generally place huge amounts of trust in medical professionals, hospitals, nursing homes and nurses. When this trust is broken via a doctor mistake or similar error, the emotions families go through can range from utter shock to bewilderment, and understandable devastation.

While families of a deceased victim often present a strong voice for their loved one's interests, holding a negligent party accountable can require immense knowledge and experience. Medical malpractice lawsuits often require experts in the medical field who can either confirm or deny that a defendant deviated from professional standards of care. Important information can be overlooked in a wrongful death situation; even the smallest of details can mean the difference between obtaining compensation and missing the chance to do so.

In addition, medically-related civil lawsuits are often against relatively powerful entities, such as hospitals, medical device manufacturers or respected physicians. With several decades of experience going up against these formidable adversaries in court, the law firm of Hampton & King has repeatedly fought - and won - to hold these types of parties accountable for wrongful deaths. The firm has handled myriad types of medical negligence cases over the years, from fatal diagnostic errors to deadly surgical mistakes. This wide range of case types has given the attorneys at our firm the winning background needed for asserting a deceased victim's interests in court.

Following the loss of a loved one in a medical sitting, it can be tough to ponder legal action. Still, getting the right information about the available options after a fatal accident is often a necessary step.

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